sometimes, I talk even when I’m scared to

Sometimes, instead of always being the helper, give yourself the freedom to be the “friend in need.” There is no wrong or shame in asking for help.

– Dys

Today went pretty good. Went to aunt’s with mom and it was nice getting out of the house and out of triggers. Coming back home, I felt choked up with all the thoughts running in my head. Since this virus escalated and there’s panic everywhere, I was thinking, “eh, we might all probably die, so maybe I should give us my all” and I pretty much know you and predict what you do next, maybe I could handle it but then I realized I’m still hurting from what I already foreknew and us is more or less, a crowd.

I’m glad I talked to Greg tonight about the school and future stuff bothering me for a couple years now. So grateful cause I’ll sleep well and I feel so much lighter even though I haven’t figured out a thing yet. He’s asked me on why I don’t like to talk about things or share what bothers me and I said I didn’t want to bother anybody or make them frustrated if it’s doesn’t go away. I think I’m more scared of opening up and being vulnerable. I don’t ever want to in that situation again.

Thank you being there and listening ❤

Hope y’all had a wonderful Sunday.

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