Update #1


I can’t believe it’s been a week since I started this blog.

This weekly update will be a tradition till I’m done with my 100 Days Of Journaling journey.

What is the Weekly Update?

  1. Things that happened in the week
  2. 7 blog posts that I read and love in the week
  3. Goals for the coming week
  4. Miscellaneous

Things that happened this week

  • I got my first 15 followers
  • Wrote 7 entries
  • Communicated with some writers
  • Got my first comment
  • Had 45 visitors

So awesome. I don’t really have much to say except THANK YOU! Means so much to me.


1. Knowing Your Worth – Vincent Ehindero

A really detailed post on self worth and worth on its own. Main points I took out where:

  • Being authentic and owning one’s identity
  • Being aware of one’s capabilities and values
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Knowing one’s personal style of learning and living
  • Belief in what one has and where it will take you
  • And finally, the power of persistence.

A short summary of a great post that you should totally read.

Link here.

2. Caging Demons – Can You Hear Me Screaming?

This is more of a prose poetry (I’m a sucker for poetry). This poem tugs at the heart (well, mine and is somewhat like a mirror). Love amidst darkness, hope in chaos, empty spaces and crushing isolation; brings out the deep from the abyss. You should TOTALLY give it a read.

Link here.

3. An Unconventional Love Story – Brain Injury Blog TORONTO

This is one rollercoaster of a ride (good one!) Love love love this story so much. It strengthens your belief in love and that despite everything that can go wrong, there’s always hope of everything going better than we could ever imagine. Here, Alison shares her amazing story and it’s one you should read too.

Link here.

4. Blog – Project 660

This one’s a tear jerker and a ray of sunshine. This is a blog diary of a mom penning to overcome the loss of her child. This gives us hope that there’s something great waiting beyond the door of loss. Read all about her journey. It’s a pretty long read but absolutely worth it!

Link here.

5. Groped In A Danfo Bus – The Afro Nigerian

Quite an interesting read. It peers into a problem still prevalent in Nigeria. This post shares the problems that women with, well, “Big Behind” face, the mindset of perverts and sexual abusers and the never ending game of blame in the streets of Lagos. Worth a read or two or more.

Link here.

6. Honor Thy Children: The Other Side of Honoring Thy Father & Mother – Aligning With Truth

Now this one hits home for me. Nadine talks about the things that we, children, talk about in silence. It challenges the notion of the infallibility of parents, the importance of respect and love for children and obligations owed to them. It’s really a breath of fresh air seeing someone take this verse in another angle (one time, I looked at it as “the abuse enabler verse”). This is something I’ve always wanted to talk about but she says it best and you should TOTALLY AND TOTALLY read it. It’s a worthy read in all these news of abuse and lack of love.

Link here.

7. Stop Using Mental Illness As An Excuse To Be Lazy – LIFESFINEWHINE

This one that’s has been spoken a lot about but still need to be said. Here, Pooja talks about the dark side of mental health awareness – the abuse. There are millions of people with mental illness and disorders that still go unnoticed and uncared for because of the stigma and lack of understanding. Actions like this makes it harder for people who need help. A must read for everyone.

Link here.

And that’s a wrap. Check out these posts and if you can, tell me what you think of them.


  1. Get 20 more followers
  2. Read more blogs
  3. Write new poetry
  4. Interact with more bloggers
  5. Get the hang of Twitter XD


I have been mostly indoors this week. So not much activities done.

Best movies I’ve watched this week are

– Kickin’ it old skool (so much coolness in the stupidity lol. Goofy and hilarious. Laughed a lot).

– Beerfest (hehe I watched this while drinking beer. Don’t worry, I’m legal and not an everyday thing).

Song of the week goes to Bruises by Lewis Capaldi. Been on repeat repeatedly.

Book of the week is Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. I listen to the audio book read by Expatriate on Librivox. Here.

Follow me on twitter @thelittletiny_

That’s all I have for now. Have a great week!

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